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Chipotle: Back to the Start


This ad made a splash globally beyond what was initially expected by the chain and adland. This was one of the Chipotle’s national TV spot. It was an animated video that was developed by CAA. It focused on a farmer change of heart where he changes from operating a huge industrialized farming to farming with increased humane and sustainable practices.

Click here to watch “Back to the start” video



Apple, “Get a Mac”


In this ad, Apple used one of the most basic templates that were used to showcase the attributes of Macs that the PCs lack on the commercial that ran for over three years. The ad entailed two comedians who made it simple for Apple to bring out their special and unique functions and level of security. The video was tailored to the country where the actors were selected. This campaign went viral as a result of its simplicity and was tailored to a specific country. and-what-your-brand-can-learn-from.html

Click here to watch “Get a Mac” video



The world’s first tasteable print ad (Fanta)


Who: Fanta, brand of The Coca-Cola Company. What: Franta soft drink. Where and when: The advertising campaign was launched in Dubai in 2013 but then went overseas to all global offices of Ogilvy to reach those markets such as in the U.S. and Asia. Advertising agency: OgilvyOne Dubai.

The ad was featured in magazines and when you read the full content of the ad, you are told to rip a piece and taste it to get a sample of the new Fanta flavour. It was very successful as audiences kept sharing pieces of the ad with their friends so they could taste as it was very unique and clever in delivering the message.

Campaign for Real Beauty (Dove)

—Who: Dove, brand of Unilever. What: Skin care products. Where and when: Germany and United Kingdom, 2004. Target audience: Women that doesn’t feel comfortable in the skin they are in. Advertising agency: Ogilvy & Mather


This ad was developed to change the perceptions that are held by people by deconstructing the current norms of beauty. Dove successfully leveraged market research with an aim of understanding how various women perceive their beauty. Dove, therefore, created viral videos in addition to a series of commercials that changed this held norm concerning beauty, where it was believed that being skinny and young defines beauty. The ad stated that the most beautiful person is you.          and-what-your-brand-can-learn-from.html