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The power of advertising

1.  “Why good advertising works? (Even when you think it doesn’t)” by Nigel Hollis, 2011

A combination of conscious and subconscious subliminal messaging is how the international market has been able to expand and exist in a post-globalized world. Whether we are aware of advertising’s impact or not, the effects are still embedded on us. This is precisely what this article in The Atlantic touches upon.

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2.“How powerful is advertising?” by Randall Rothenberg, 1997

A very insightful article, published in The Atlantic, that discusses the dynamics of society, communication techniques and international marketers and how this evolution has been used to explain why the markets have changed so drastically since the 1940’s as well as the implications this has had on us in all aspects of societal, economical and political agendas.

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Advertising and the cultural environment

Miller Lite: Great Taste, Less Filling

The main aim of “Great Taste, Less Filling” ad was specifically to get men to drink light beer hence were battling the held misconception that this light beer does not taste good. The ad features several masculine models drinking light beer while at the same declare it as tasting great.      Campaigns-of-All-Time.aspx#sm.00001brmkxxfntdupyrm1nhb2b34w


Volkswagen: Think Small

The ad was aimed to answer the question, on how to change perceptions of people concerning a given brand and the entire group of individuals. For years, the Americans were used to buying big American cars and avoiding the small German cars. Therefore, Volkswagen ad focused on people’s expectation by being what they are.      Campaigns-of All-Time.aspx#sm.00001brmkxxfntdupyrm1nhb2b34w